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File #: Int 1266-2018    Version: * Name: Pilot program for shared electric scooters.
Type: Introduction Status: Laid Over in Committee
Committee: Committee on Transportation
On agenda: 11/28/2018
Enactment date: Law number:
Title: A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to a pilot program for shared electric scooters
Sponsors: Fernando Cabrera , Ydanis A. Rodriguez, Rafael Salamanca, Jr., Mark Levine, Laurie A. Cumbo, Robert E. Cornegy, Jr., Karen Koslowitz, Alicka Ampry-Samuel , Paul A. Vallone, Justin L. Brannan, Alan N. Maisel, Costa G. Constantinides, The Public Advocate (Mr. Williams), Barry S. Grodenchik, Ritchie J. Torres, Donovan J. Richards, James G. Van Bramer, Ben Kallos, Vanessa L. Gibson, Antonio Reynoso, Helen K. Rosenthal, Bill Perkins, Mathieu Eugene, Adrienne E. Adams, Margaret S. Chin, Mark Gjonaj , Stephen T. Levin, Inez D. Barron, Carlina Rivera , Mark Treyger, Diana Ayala , Keith Powers , Carlos Menchaca, Eric A. Ulrich, Joseph C. Borelli
Council Member Sponsors: 35
Summary: This bill would require the Department of Transportation to create a pilot program for the operation of shared electric scooters in New York City. This bill would provide that neighborhoods underserved by existing bike share programs or affected by the upcoming 2019 Canarsie Tunnel closure will be given priority in determining the geographic boundaries of the pilot program. The bill would also require that the Department of Transportation report to the Council on the progress of the program and would prohibit the operation of shared electric scooters without prior Department of Transportation approval.
Indexes: Agency Rule-making Required, Report Required
Attachments: 1. Summary of Int. No. 1266, 2. Int. No. 1266, 3. November 28, 2018 - Stated Meeting Agenda with Links to Files, 4. Committee Report 1/23/19, 5. Hearing Testimony 1/23/19, 6. Hearing Transcript 1/23/19
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Int. No. 1266


By Council Members Cabrera, Rodriguez, Salamanca, Levine, Cumbo, Cornegy, Koslowitz, Ampry-Samuel, Vallone, Brannan, Maisel, Constantinides, the Public Advocate (Mr. Williams), Grodenchik, Torres, Richards, Van Bramer, Kallos, Gibson, Reynoso, Rosenthal, Perkins, Eugene, Adams, Chin, Gjonaj, Levin, Barron, Rivera, Treyger, Ayala, Powers, Menchaca, Ulrich and Borelli


A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to a pilot program for shared electric scooters


Be it enacted by the Council as follows:


Section 1. Subchapter 3 of chapter 1 of title 19 of the administrative code of the city of New York is amended by adding a new section 19-176.4 to read as follows:

§ 19-176.4 Shared electric scooter pilot program. a. Definitions. For the purposes of this section, the following terms have the following meanings:

Dock-based bike share program. The term “dock-based bike share program” means the provision of public bicycles for shared use within the city under a contract that permits payment for the use of such bicycles.

Electric scooter. The term “electric scooter” means any wheeled device with handlebars that is designed to be stood upon by the operator and is powered by an electric motor incapable of propelling the device more than 15 miles per hour.

Shared electric scooter organizations. The term “shared electric scooter organization” means a natural person, organization or entity that operates a fleet of shared, private electric scooters available for rent to the public on a short-term basis.

b. Pilot program. The department shall establish a shared electric scooter pilot program that allows qualified shared electric scooter organizations to apply for permits to operate publicly accessible shared electric scooter fleets. The department shall determine the geographic boundaries of such pilot program, with priority given to neighborhoods currently underserved by existing dock-based bike share programs and neighborhoods affected by the 2019 Canarsie Tunnel closure. Shared electric scooter organizations shall provide any information requested by the department relating to their application to participate in, and their operations undertaken in connection with, participation in such pilot program.

c. Duration of pilot program. The shared electric scooter pilot program described in subdivision b of this section shall exist for a duration of no less than one year and no more than two years, unless the department terminates or suspends the program on an earlier date; provided, however, the department shall notify the speaker of the council in writing of such termination or suspension within seven days of taking such action and the reasons for such action.

d. No shared electric scooter organization shall operate any electric scooter in the city without the prior written approval of the department. If any such electric scooter is parked or operated on a public street without department approval, it may be impounded and shall not be released until any and all removal charges and storage fees have been paid or a bond has been posted in an amount satisfactory to the commissioner of the agency that impounded such electric scooter.

e. Report. Prior to the completion of such pilot, the department shall submit a report to the speaker of the council regarding the progress of the pilot program. Such report shall include, but need not be limited to, a determination as to whether the department recommends the implementation of a permanent shared electric scooter program, along with any recommendations as to changes in the laws, rules, regulations and policies governing the use of such electric scooters, where appropriate.

§ 2. This local law takes effect 120 days after it becomes law, except that the commissioner of transportation shall take such measures as are necessary for the implementation of this local law, including the promulgation of rules, before such date.





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11/23/18 11:40am