File #: Res 0082-2024    Version: * Name: Supporting the mission and growth of the Climate Museum.
Type: Resolution Status: Committee
Committee: Committee on Environmental Protection, Resiliency and Waterfronts
On agenda: 2/28/2024
Enactment date: Law number:
Title: Resolution supporting the mission and growth of the Climate Museum.
Sponsors: James F. Gennaro, Shahana K. Hanif, Sandy Nurse
Council Member Sponsors: 3
Attachments: 1. Res. No. 82, 2. February 28, 2024 - Stated Meeting Agenda, 3. Hearing Transcript - Stated Meeting 2-28-24

Res. No. 82


Resolution supporting the mission and growth of the Climate Museum.


By Council Members Gennaro, Hanif and Nurse


Whereas, According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Earth’s climate is changing at a rate not seen in the past 10,000 years: the global temperature is increasing, oceans are warming, sea levels are rising, ice and snow levels are decreasing, and the frequency of extreme weather events is increasing; and

Whereas, The main cause of climate change is the increasing levels of greenhouse gases (GHG) in Earth’s atmosphere; and

Whereas, According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, human activities over the last 150 years have been the principal cause of the increase in GHGs in the atmosphere, and the primary source of GHG emissions in the U.S. is from the burning of fossil fuels; and

Whereas, The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has stated that people living within cities now face higher risks of heat stress, reduced air quality because of wildfires, lack of water, food shortages, and other impacts caused by climate change, and that it expects the impacts of climate change to intensify with additional warming; and

Whereas, According to the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, climate change is affecting the City of New York (City), with changes in temperature, precipitation, sea level rise, and extreme weather events, and the effects of climate change will be distributed unevenly across City neighborhoods as a result of land use, economic status, age, and exposure; and

                     Whereas, The City has set a policy to reduce its GHG emissions and achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2050; and

                     Whereas, Contending with the climate crisis at scale requires a transformation of public culture, including reducing consumption, increasing utilization of public transportation, and retrofitting buildings to be more energy efficient ; and

                     Whereas, In order to proactively address climate change, New Yorkers must be educated on the effects of climate change, the scientific link between human activities and climate change, and possible solutions to the crisis; and

                     Whereas, The Climate Museum, which is dedicated to climate issues and solutions to the crisis, was established in the City in 2015 as the first museum of its kind in the U.S.; and

                     Whereas, The Climate Museum’s mission is to inspire action on the climate crisis with programming across the arts and sciences that deepens understanding, builds connections, and advances just solutions; and

                     Whereas, The Climate Museum mobilizes the power of arts and cultural programming with the aim of accelerating a shift toward climate dialogue and action; and

                     Whereas, According to the Climate Museum, the museum will position the City as a leader and launchpad for state-of-the-art climate programs that welcome local, national, and global communities; and

                     Whereas, Since 2018, the Climate Museum has presented 8 exhibitions and more than 300 events; engaged more than 350 high school students in leadership, advocacy, and arts programs; and welcomed more than a hundred thousand visitors; and

Whereas, The Climate Museum’s dedication to addressing the climate crisis and its work towards educating New Yorkers on the effects and solutions to climate change will have a positive impact on the environment and the City of New York; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Council of the City of New York supports the mission and growth of The Climate Museum.                     




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