File #: Res 0392-2006    Version: * Name: Resolution adding various Rules of the Council.
Type: Resolution Status: Adopted
Committee: Committee on Rules, Privileges and Elections
On agenda: 6/13/2006
Enactment date: Law number:
Title: Resolution adding various rules to the Rules of the Council.
Sponsors: Diana Reyna
Council Member Sponsors: 1
Attachments: 1. Committee Report, 2. Hearing Transcript, 3. Hearing Transcript - Stated Meeting 6/13/06
Res. No. 392
Resolution adding various rules to the Rules of the Council.
By Council Member Reyna
Section 1.  The Rules of the Council are amended by adding two new rules, 2.70 and 10.80, to read as follows:
2.70      Discrimination and Harassment Policies  -  The Speaker shall establish a policy or policies against workplace harassment and discrimination for the Council which shall apply to all Council Members, their staff and central staff.  All Members, their staff and Council central staff shall be required to comply with the requirements of such policies, including the requirements for training.  The Speaker shall provide all Members, their staff and central staff with a copy of such policy or policies and any changes thereto.
10.80      Disorderly behavior; sanctions -  a.  Members of the Council shall not engage in disorderly behavior, which shall include but is not limited to:  willful violation or evasion of any provision of law relating to such Member's discharge of his or her official duties; commission of fraud upon the City; conversion of public property to such Member's own use; knowingly permitting or allowing by gross culpable conduct, any other person to convert public property; or violation of the Speaker's policy or policies against discrimination and harassment.
b.      Upon a report by the Standards and Ethics Committee of the Council, finding that a Member has engaged in disorderly behavior as set forth in subdivision (a) of this rule, the Council may impose one or more of the following sanctions:
1.      Denial or limitation of any right, power, or privilege of the Member; including, but not limited to, the removal of such Member as chairperson of a committee or as a member of a committee;
2.      Reprimand;
3.      Censure;
4.      Fine;
5.      Expulsion from the Council; and
6.      Any other sanction determined by the Council to be appropriate.
      c.      The Committee report shall contain a statement of the evidence supporting the Committee 's findings and a statement of the Committee's reasons for the recommended sanction.
d.      All sanctions shall be imposed by a two-thirds vote of all Members .