File #: Res 0034-2006    Version: * Name: Amending Rule 6.10 of the Rules of the Council.
Type: Resolution Status: Adopted
Committee: Committee on Rules, Privileges and Elections
On agenda: 2/1/2006
Enactment date: Law number:
Title: Resolution amending Rule 6.10 of the Rules of the Council.
Sponsors: Gale A. Brewer, Christine C. Quinn, Diana Reyna, Leroy G. Comrie, Jr., Lewis A. Fidler, David Yassky, Daniel R. Garodnick, Bill De Blasio, Inez E. Dickens, Helen Sears, David I. Weprin, Jessica S. Lappin, John C. Liu
Council Member Sponsors: 13
Attachments: 1. Committee Report, 2. Rules of the Council, 3. Hearing Transcript - Stated Meeting 2/1/06, 4. Hearing Transcript
Res. No. 34
Resolution amending Rule 6.10 of the Rules of the Council.
By Council Members Brewer, The Speaker (Council Member Quinn), Reyna, Comrie, Garodnick, Fidler, Yassky, de Blasio, Dickens, Sears, Weprin, Lappin and Liu
Section one.   Rule 6.10 of the Rules of the Council shall read as follows:
6.10. Local Laws; How Prepared - A local law amending or repealing any existing law shall contain in brackets the part repealed and the new part to be inserted shall be underscored. When any such local law is printed in the Minutes, the part repealed shall be in brackets and the new part shall be in italics instead of being underscored. All local laws presented, whether new or of an amendatory nature, shall state specifically the section of the law to be added, amended or repealed. The latest draft of the proposed local law shall contain in the lower left corner the date and time of the most current version.  Committee staff shall be responsible for transmitting such version to Members for consideration, and to post on the web site.