File #: Res 1396-2000    Version: * Name: N.R.A. Store in Times Square
Type: Resolution Status: Adopted
Committee: Parks, Recreation, Cultural Affairs, and International Intergroup Relations
On agenda: 6/5/2000
Enactment date: Law number:
Title: Resolution urging the N.R.A. to halt all plans regarding a proposed theme store and restaurant in Times Square.
Sponsors: Christine C. Quinn, Madeline T. Provenzano, Stephen DiBrienza, Una Clarke, Wendell Foster, Kathryn E. Freed, Karen Koslowitz, Guillermo Linares, Helen M. Marshall, Eva S. Moskowitz, Michael C. Nelson, Bill Perkins, Mary Pinkett, Philip Reed, Lawrence A. Warden, Stephen J. Fiala, (in conjunction with the Manhattan Borough Preside, Tracy L. Boyland, June M. Eisland, Stanley E. Michels, Annette M. Robinson, Thomas White
Council Member Sponsors: 22
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6/5/2000*Christine C. Quinn City Council Approved, by CouncilPass Action details Meeting details Not available
6/5/2000*Christine C. Quinn City Council Introduced by Council, IMMEDIATE CONSIDERATION  Action details Meeting details Not available
Res. No. 1396 Title Resolution urging the N.R.A. to halt all plans regarding a proposed theme store and restaurant in Times Square. Body By Council Members Quinn, Provenzano, DiBrienza, Clarke, Foster, Freed, Koslowitz, Linares, Marshall, Moskowitz, Nelson, Perkins, Pinkett, Reed, Warden, Fiala and (in conjunction with the Manhattan Borough President) C. Virginia Fields; also Council Members Boyland, Eisland, Michels, Robinson and White Whereas, In May 2000, the National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) announced plans to build a theme store and restaurant in the Times Square area that will allegedly use "total shooting sports" as its focal theme and promote the ideals of the N.R.A.; and Whereas, The N.R.A. continues to rally for the preservation and expansion of gun access and against several proposed programs that call for gun control despite the consistent string of gun-related violence that capture headlines in New York City and throughout the nation and world on a regular basis; and Whereas, The debate over gun control has always been heavily focused on the safety of our children, and these issues have gone before legislators in the United States Congress and in state and city legislatures throughout the nation and the N.R.A. has consistently taken a position against most gun control proposals; and Whereas, Now, the N.R.A. has literally brought its cause to the streets, having taken the unconscionable step of promoting guns and gun use right here in New York City by announcing plans for a family-oriented theme store and restaurant that will use guns as its theme; and Whereas, Family theme restaurants and stores in New York City have long attracted children, families and tourists with themes like pop music, Hollywood, sports and science fiction; and Whereas, One family-oriented theme restaurant that Times Square does not need is one that boasts and promotes guns, a concept entirely antithetical to the values that we teach our children in school and at home; and Whereas, The planned N.R.A. theme store and restaurant will feature virtual electronic gun games that will attract youngsters to an environment where gun violence is presented as appropriate entertainment and where not only games are offered but N.R.A. branded merchandise and shooting and outdoor recreation products; and Whereas, Allowing a restaurant such as this one to take root in Times Square would not serve the best interests of the people who live in the immediate and surrounding community, the people of New York City as a whole or the millions of people who visit our City each year; and Whereas, The promotion of guns has no place in such a entertainment venture and especially not in Times Square, where the City has worked hard to rid the area of guns and gun-related violence; now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Council of the City of New York urges the N.R.A. to halt all plans regarding a proposed theme store and restaurant in Times Square. MW:bg LS#3112 D-Res.#4 5/31/00 |1013| - 2 -