File #: Res 1264-2000    Version: * Name: Pope John Paul II, Praise
Type: Resolution Status: Adopted
Committee: City Council
On agenda: 3/29/2000
Enactment date: Law number:
Title: Resolution praising Pope John Paul II for his lifelong pursuit of peace among all peoples and commending him on his recent landmark visit to Israel.
Sponsors: Peter F. Vallone, Herbert E. Berman, Una Clarke, Martin Malave-Dilan, Pedro G. Espada, Kathryn E. Freed, Lloyd Henry, Bill Perkins, Philip Reed, Martin J. Golden, Alphonse Stabile, Thomas V. Ognibene, Stephen DiBrienza, Wendell Foster, Karen Koslowitz, Howard L. Lasher, Walter L. McCaffrey, Stanley E. Michels, Jerome X. O'Donovan, Mary Pinkett, Morton Povman, Madeline T. Provenzano, Annette M. Robinson, Victor L. Robles, Archie W. Spigner, Thomas White, Priscilla A. Wooten, Stephen J. Fiala
Council Member Sponsors: 28
Res. No. 1264 Title Resolution praising Pope John Paul II for his lifelong pursuit of peace among all peoples and commending him on his recent landmark visit to Israel. Body By The Speaker (Council Member Vallone), Council Members Berman, Clarke, Malave-Dilan, Espada, Freed, Henry, Perkins, Reed, Golden, Stabile and Ognibene; also Council Members DiBrienza, Foster, Koslowitz, Lasher, McCaffrey, Michels, O'Donovan, Pinkett, Povman, Provenzano, Robinson, Robles, Spigner, White, Wooten and Fiala Whereas, Since entering the Vatican in the fall of 1978, Pope John Paul II inherited a role that commands a great deal of influence, not only over the world's Catholic population but over the many peoples of the world; and Whereas, Having begun his duties in the papal office as the first non-Italian pope in 456 years and the first Polish pope in Roman Catholic history, Pope John Paul II commenced his reign as part of a new era in the Roman Catholic Church and the vast achievements he has amassed throughout his papacy is testament to his exceptional and singular leadership; and Whereas, Pope John Paul II has long been a vocal promoter of peace among all nations and all peoples and he has devoted much of his papacy to bringing leaders, nations and peoples together to pray, to talk and to listen to one another; and Whereas, An active pontiff since he first took office, Pope John Paul II has extensively traveled to all the corners of the world and the many nations in between, spreading a message of peace, teaching tolerance and championing human rights; and Whereas, In Pope John Paul II's historic visit to Israel at the nexus of the new millennium, he was the ambassador of not only the Roman Catholic Church but of peace and good will; and Whereas, In a culmination of his laudable policy of religious tolerance, historical responsibility and honesty, this year in Israel, Pope John Paul II helped to heal the wounds and patch the divides that have existed between Catholics and Jews; and Whereas, Speaking on behalf of the Church and all Catholics at Yad Vashem, the main Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, Pope John Paul II expressed deep sadness for "the millions of Jewish people who, stripped of everything, especially their human dignity, were murdered in the Holocaust;" and Whereas, The Pope met with Holocaust survivors and condemned "the hatred acts of persecution and displays of anti-Semitism directed against the Jews by Christians at any time and in any place;" and Whereas, Pope John Paul II's message of reconciliation, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence throughout the regions of the world was amplified several times throughout his recent visit to the Holy Land, and was celebrated by Christians, Muslims and Jews alike; and Whereas, The words of Pope John Paul II and the symbolism of his many appearances at Christian, Jewish and Muslim sites throughout the Holy Land have already spoken volumes of what we can accomplish if we persist in our struggle for world peace, religious, ethnic and racial tolerance and the preservation of humanity and good will; now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Council of the City of New York praises Pope John Paul II for his lifelong pursuit of peace among all peoples and commends him on his recent landmark visit to Israel. MW:bg LS#2900 D-Res.#3 3/29/00 |1013| - 2 -