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Last name: Riley
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Notes: District 12 - Council Member - Democrat - Wakefield, Olinville, Edenwald, Eastchester, Williamsbridge, Baychester, Co-op City - New York City - Kevin Christopher Riley was born and raised in the Northeast Bronx, where he continues to reside. He is a proud member of Butler United Methodist Church where he met many of the people he is proud to call mentors today. Following his graduation from Mount Saint Michael Academy, he attended the SUNY College at Old Westbury to pursue his B.A in Politics, Economics and Law and obtained his M.P.A in Public Affairs and Administration from Metropolitan College of New York. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, Kevin became involved with several student activities such as the Student Council, Residential Life Association and the Divine Nine Greek Council. He was the president of the Mu Omicron chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., and was even awarded with the Fraternity Man of the Year Award. Although his undertakings were vast, Kevin believed that giving back, spreading joy, and illustrating the meaning of community was the most important goal. Prior to being elected to represent the New York City Council’s 12th district, Kevin worked for the Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Carl E. Heastie. For over a decade, he worked directly with community groups and organizations as well as pertinent leaders across New York City. This is where his passion was born, this is where he gained the courage to run for City Council. Kevin has been no stranger to hard work or mentorship. Not only has he had mentors throughout his career, he has also dedicated his down time to generating positive relationships with the youth. Working for the New York Foundling as a Skills Coach is where he witnessed how much mentorship can impact your growth and overall confidence. As a skills coach, he mentored young men, educating them on life skills and making them cognizant of their social surroundings. Kevin also spends his time as a mentor for President Barack Obama’s, My Brother’s Keeper initiative. In 2019, he founded a non-profit organization, Music Over Violence, which seeks to address violence and social injustice within his community. Another endeavor undertaken by Kevin, in conjunction with his Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity brothers, is the founding of a nationwide organization called The Dad Gang. The Dad Gang is an organization that works toward eliminating the stereotypes surrounding black fatherhood, and dispelling the narrative that black dads are not a part of their children’s lives. As the father of two beautiful daughters, Kevin C. Riley is a leader who is committed to making his community better for future generations. Councilman Riley currently represents the 12th City Council District covering the areas of Wakefield, Baychester, Eastchester, Olinville, Co-op City, Edenwald, and Williamsbridge in the Northeast section of the Bronx.