First name: Justin L. photo
Last name: Brannan
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Notes: District 43 - Council Member - Democrat - Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach - Council Member Justin Brannan was born and raised in Brooklyn, the son of a record salesman and early childhood educator. After attending PS 185, McKinley JHS and Xaverian High School, Brannan studied journalism at Fordham, before embarking on a career as a professional musician. His bands released several albums and toured the world – traveling to over fifty countries across five continents. While working at a New York City radio station, Brannan got involved in union organizing and fought to recover unpaid wages for his co-workers. He then served as Chief of Staff to his predecessor Council Member Gentile and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs at the Department of Education where he helped oversee the expansion of Universal Pre-K. A longtime believer in the importance of making government work efficiently to create opportunities for working and middle class families, Brannan was elected in 2017 from a crowded field of ten candidates to represent southwest Brooklyn’s 43rd Council District. With too many people feeling that government only works for the wealthy and well-connected, Council Member Brannan has vowed to always fight for the “little guy.” The 43rd Council District might be far from the soaring skyscrapers and posh penthouses that many associate with New York City, but Brannan knows that his district is the backbone of the City and deserves the same respect, resources and results as everyone else. As Council Member, he’s made it his mission to make life just a little bit easier for everyone who calls the 43rd District their home. Justin lives in Bay Ridge with his wife Leigh, an artist, educator, and small business owner.