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Meeting location: Council Chambers - City Hall
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T2024-1584 *   Oversight - Building IntegrityOversight    Action details Not available
Int 0135-2024 *Selvena N. Brooks-Powers  Study on structural loadbearing capacity of parking garages.IntroductionThis bill would require the Department of Buildings (“DOB”) to conduct a loadbearing capacity study for parking garages. DOB would be required to assess factors such as the size, age, materials, and structural design of the parking structure. After conducting this study, DOB is also required to report any recommendations based on their findings. No later than 180 days after the effective date of this local law, DOB shall submit to the mayor, the speaker of the council, and post on its website a report on the findings of this study.   Action details Not available
Int 0136-2024 *Selvena N. Brooks-Powers  Weight limits for parking structures.IntroductionThis bill would require owners of most parking garages to refuse to park any vehicle on a level of such garage when doing so would cause the collective weight of vehicles on that level to exceed its maximum permissible weight limit. Each such garage would be required to install a motor vehicle weigh station so that an entering vehicle could be weighed before determining if parking such vehicle is feasible. Moreover, commercially licensed parking garages would be required to display information regarding the maximum permissible weight limits on levels within such garages and to notify the public when no further vehicles may be parked without the weight limit on each level being exceeded.   Action details Not available
Int 0170-2024 *Amanda Farías  Increased penalties for department of buildings violations issued to parking structures.IntroductionThis bill would double the standard civil penalties for Department of Buildings-enforced violations when issued to the owner of a parking structure, and allow the department to enforce daily penalties for violations for failure to maintain a parking structure.   Action details Not available
Int 0176-2024 *Oswald Feliz  The creation of a boilerplate annual checklist for parking garage inspections prior to initial annual condition inspections.IntroductionThis bill would require the Department of Buildings to create and publish on their website a boilerplate annual observation checklist to be used by parking garage structure owners or their authorized agents prior to their initial annual condition inspection. This checklist would include, but would not be limited to, the age and location of the structure, whether vehicles are stored on the roof, and any outstanding violations for structural issues.   Action details Not available
Int 0231-2024 *Crystal Hudson  Increasing the frequency of parking structure inspections.IntroductionThis bill would require that condition assessments of parking structures be conducted once every four years upon the completion of the current six-year inspection cycle on January 1, 2028, and would require that follow-up assessments be conducted within two years after a parking structure is deemed safe with repair or monitoring.   Action details Not available
Int 0313-2024 *Francisco P. Moya  Requiring asbestos surveys and abatement after certain catastrophic events.IntroductionThis bill would require the survey and abatement of asbestos-containing materials by a building owner following the occurrence of a catastrophic event which thoroughly disturbs the structure of a building.   Action details Not available
Int 0607-2024 *Shekar Krishnan  Requiring tenant relocation services to the same community district, a nearby community district, or the same borough.IntroductionThis bill would require the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) to relocate tenants who lost their homes due to a fire or other emergency in the same or an immediately adjacent community district upon request. When no suitable accommodation is available in the same or immediately adjacent community district, the bill would require HPD to relocate such tenants to the nearest community district in the same borough.   Action details Not available
Int 0608-2024 *Shekar Krishnan  Requiring the department of housing preservation and development to increase tenant relocation services in the event of a vacate order.IntroductionThis bill would require the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) to dispatch a team of tenant relocation specialists to a building when a vacate order has been issued. These specialists will provide any displaced tenants with assistance including materials in the tenants’ preferred language, and, if deemed safe, assistance with accessing the tenants’ vacated units. It would also require HPD to begin an Article 7-A proceeding to appoint an administrator to oversee building repairs where tenants have been forced out due to harmful conditions and the building owner has not corrected such conditions in the time specified in the vacate order. Finally, this bill would require that landlords, where applicable, to notify tenants if they have a right to re-occupy the vacated unit.   Action details Not available
Int 0609-2024 *Shekar Krishnan  Requiring the department of housing preservation and development to report on the special repair fund.IntroductionThis bill would require the department of housing preservation and development to report on its use of the special repair fund, including the source and amount of money deposited into the fund, the amount of money disbursed by the fund, and the types and location of repairs financed by the fund.   Action details Not available