File #: Int 0892-2024    Version: * Name: Supporting lactating individuals.
Type: Introduction Status: Laid Over in Committee
Committee: Committee on Women and Gender Equity
On agenda: 5/16/2024
Enactment date: Law number:
Title: A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to supporting lactating individuals
Sponsors: Farah N. Louis, Tiffany Cabán, Sandra Ung, Jennifer Gutiérrez, Amanda Farías, Shahana K. Hanif, Mercedes Narcisse
Council Member Sponsors: 7
Summary: This bill would require employers to post their policy regarding lactation spaces online.
Attachments: 1. Summary of Int. No. 892, 2. Int. No. 892, 3. May 16, 2024 - Stated Meeting Agenda, 4. Hearing Transcript - Stated Meeting 5-16-24, 5. Committee Report 6/25/24, 6. Hearing Testimony 6/25/24

Int. No. 892


By Council Members Louis, Cabán, Ung, Gutiérrez, Farías, Hanif and Narcisse


A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to supporting lactating individuals


Be it enacted by the Council as follows:


                     Section 1. Paragraph (c) of subdivision 22 of Section 8-107 of the administrative code of the city of New York, as added by local law 186 for the year 2018, is amended to read as follows:

(c) Employer lactation room accommodation policy.

(i) An employer shall develop and implement a written policy regarding the provision of a lactation room, which shall be distributed to all employees upon hiring and posted online. The policy shall include a statement that employees have a right to request a lactation room, and identify a process by which employees may request a lactation room. This process shall:

(1) Specify the means by which an employee may submit a request for a lactation room;

(2) Require that the employer respond to a request for a lactation room within a reasonable amount of time not to exceed five business days;

(3) Provide a procedure to follow when two or more individuals need to use the lactation room at the same time, including contact information for any follow up required;

(4) State that the employer shall provide reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk pursuant to section 206-c of the labor law; and

(5) State that if the request for a lactation room poses an undue hardship on the employer, the employer shall engage in a cooperative dialogue, as required by subdivision 28 of this section.

(ii) The commission shall, in collaboration with the department of health and mental hygiene, develop a model lactation room accommodation policy that conforms to the requirements of this subdivision and a model lactation room request form. The commission shall make such model policy and request form available on its website.

(iii) The existence of a lactation room accommodation policy pursuant to this subdivision shall not affect an individual’s right to breastfeed in public pursuant to article 7 of the civil rights law.

§ 2. This local law takes effect 180 days after it becomes law.






LS # 9716

3/22/23 2:00 pm