File #: Res 1207-2005    Version: * Name: LU 579 - ULURP, 764 E 176th St., Bronx (030370ZMX)
Type: Resolution Status: Adopted
Committee: Committee on Land Use
On agenda: 10/11/2005
Enactment date: Law number:
Title: Resolution approving the decision of the City Planning Commission on ULURP No. C 030370 ZMX, a Zoning Map change (L.U. No. 579).
Sponsors: Melinda R. Katz, Tony Avella
Council Member Sponsors: 2
Attachments: 1. Committee Report, 2. Hearing Transcript - Stated Meeting 10/11/05




Resolution approving the decision of the City Planning Commission on ULURP No. C 030370 ZMX, a Zoning Map change (L.U. No. 579).


By Council Members Katz and Avella


WHEREAS, the City Planning Commission filed with the Council on August 30, 2005 its decision dated August 24, 2005 (the "Decision"), on the application submitted by VIP Community Services, pursuant to Sections 197-c and 201 of the New York City Charter, for an amendment to the Zoning Map (ULURP No. C 030370 ZMX) (the "Application");


WHEREAS, the Decision is subject to review and action by the Council pursuant to Section 197-d(b)(1) of the City Charter;


WHEREAS, upon due notice, the Council held a public hearing on the Decision and Application on October 6, 2005;


WHEREAS, the Council has considered the land use implications and other policy issues relating to the Decision and Application; and


                      WHEREAS, the Council has considered the relevant environmental issues and the Conditional Negative Declaration, issued on April 11, 2005 (CEQR No. 03DCP053X);




                     The Council finds that the action described herein will have no significant effect on the environment;


Pursuant to Sections 197-d and 200 of the City Charter and on the basis of the Decision and Application, the Council approves the Decision.


The Zoning Resolution of the City of New York, effective as of December 15, 1961, and as subsequently amended, is further amended by changing the Zoning Map, Section No. 3d, changing from an M1-2 District to an R7-1 District property bounded by Prospect Avenue, East 176th Street, a line 90 feet southeasterly of Prospect Avenue and East 175th Street, as shown on a diagram (for illustrative purposes only) dated April 11, 2005, and subject to the conditions of CEQR Declaration No. E-147, Community District 6, Borough of the Bronx.








                       Office of the City Clerk, }

The City of New York,  } ss.:


I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of a Resolution passed by The Council of The City of New York on October 11, 2005, on file in this office.









                                                                                                                                                                                                       City Clerk, Clerk of The Council