File #: Res 1690-2001    Version: * Name: Cease Scientific Whaling
Type: Resolution Status: Adopted
Committee: Parks, Recreation, Cultural Affairs, and International Intergroup Relations
On agenda: 1/24/2001
Enactment date: Law number:
Title: Resolution denouncing the validity of Scientific Whaling and urging the Government of Japan to cease the practice.
Sponsors: Peter F. Vallone, Kathryn E. Freed, Stanley E. Michels, Gifford Miller, Michael J. Abel, Alphonse Stabile, Wendell Foster, Guillermo Linares, Jerome X. O'Donovan, Morton Povman, Christine C. Quinn, Angel Rodriguez, Priscilla A. Wooten, Thomas V. Ognibene
Council Member Sponsors: 14
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1/24/2001*Peter F. Vallone City Council Approved, by CouncilPass Action details Meeting details Not available
1/24/2001*Peter F. Vallone City Council Introduced by Council, IMMEDIATE CONSIDERATION  Action details Meeting details Not available
Res. No. 1690 Title Resolution denouncing the validity of Scientific Whaling and urging the Government of Japan to cease the practice. Body By The Speaker (Council Member Vallone) and Council Members Freed, Michels, Miller, Abel and Stabile; also Council Members Foster, Linares, O'Donovan, Povman, Quinn, Rodriguez, Wooten and Ognibene Whereas, During the past century, many populations of great whales were hunted to the brink of extinction by commercial whaling; and Whereas, In response, an international body convened in the mid-1980's and declared a global moratorium on commercial whaling, so that whales could propagate unmolested and their populations regenerate; and Whereas, Under the aegis of a scientific research exemption, the government of Japan ignores the moratorium, claiming that the hunts are employed strictly to collect important data and to help manage whale populations; and Whereas, The scientific consensus rejects the notion that lethal takings are necessary to obtain research data, and the Japanese government has declined offers by a number of scientific delegations to assist in developing and administering a more ecologically sensitive research program; and Whereas, The "science" of scientific whaling is called further into question by the reported appearance of whale meat in Japanese fish markets and restaurants; and Whereas, Voices from around the international community have decried the practice of scientific whaling; and Whereas, Nonetheless, in June the Japanese government announced that it was to expand its whaling program, in defiance of the multiple resolutions passed by the International Whaling Commission calling on Japan to refrain from continued whaling operations; and Whereas, This and other actions by the Government of Japan undermine the spirit and intent of multilateral environmental, conservation and fisheries agreements; and Whereas, The Government of Japan currently cites its record on global environmental issues as a warrant for its claim to a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council-a record called into serious question by continued whaling; now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Council of the City of New York denounces the validity of Scientific Whaling and urges the Government of Japan to cease the practice. SF:bg D-Res.#5 LS#3759 1/18/01 |1013| - 2 -