File #: Res 1213-2000    Version: * Name: Sister city relationship, NYC & Lagos
Type: Resolution Status: Filed
Committee: Parks, Recreation, Cultural Affairs, and International Intergroup Relations
On agenda: 2/29/2000
Enactment date: Law number:
Title: Resolution recommending that a sister city relationship be established between New York City and Lagos.
Sponsors: Mary Pinkett, Una Clarke, Lloyd Henry, Margarita Lopez, Helen M. Marshall, Julia Harrison, Sheldon S. Leffler, Stanley E. Michels, Priscilla A. Wooten
Council Member Sponsors: 9
Res. No. 1213 Title Resolution recommending that a sister city relationship be established between New York City and Lagos. Body By Council Members Pinkett, Clarke, Henry, Lopez, Marshall; also Council Members Harrison, Leffler, Michels and Wooten Whereas, Like New York City, Lagos, the largest industrialized city in Nigeria and one of the largest in sub-Saharan Africa, is the cultural, commercial and financial center of its country and formerly its country's political center; and Whereas, Its evolution as a city is constantly in motion, fueled by the momentum and enthusiasm of its people who continue to work towards achieving their dreams, in maintaining financial stability, educational advancement and political security in the face of great adversity - in the wake of a brutal military dictatorship that folded less than one year ago; and Whereas, Now, with Nigeria under a new democratically elected government, Lagosians, who are known for embodying a determined and ambitious spirit, are living in an exciting time, where hope is very much alive in the historic African port city; and Whereas, The battle for democracy, much of which was fought out in the City of Lagos, was helped tremendously by key organizations like the United Committee to Save Nigeria (U.C.S.N.) under the chairmanship of Olajumoke Ogunkeyede and the National Democratic Coalition (N.A.D.E.C.O.) and the Movement for National Reformation (N.N.R.), both under the chairmanship of Chief Anthony Enahoro; and Whereas, Like New York City, Lagos is a mosaic of different cultures and ethnic groups and like New York it has emerged as a unique city with its own distinct characteristics; and Whereas, Like any city of the Lagos' size, which is probably 10 to 13 million people strong, it is rife with urban problems and harbors a large indigent population that struggles to survive; and Whereas, Now more than ever, the people and government of Lagos can benefit from the dialogue and the exchange of ideas from the people and government from a city like New York; and Whereas, New York City can also learn from Lagos, the stories of its people, their history, perseverance and unwavering spirit; our City has already been enriched by the thousands of Nigerian-Americans and native Lagosians that have settled here; and Whereas, Through educational and cultural exchanges on everything from government structure to social infrastructure to the arts, the cities of Lagos and New York can gain great insights from one another, promote understanding and strengthen the all-important ties between Africa and America; now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Council of the City of New York recommends that a sister city relationship be established between New York City and Lagos. MW:bg LS#2753Lagos D-Res.#3 2/23/00 - 2 -