File #: SLR 0169-2000    Version: * Name: In Rem, Arya Spiritual Center, Queens (S.6246)
Type: SLR Status: Adopted
Committee: Committee on State and Federal Legislation
On agenda: 1/19/2000
Enactment date: Law number:
Title: State Legislation Resolution requesting the New York State Legislature to pass a bill, introduced by Senator Hevesi, S.6246, "AN ACT authorizing the city of New York to reconvey its interest in certain real property acquired by in rem tax foreclosure in the borough of Queens to the Arya Spiritual Center, Incorporated, notwithstanding expiration of the two year period within which application may be made to the city to release its interest in property thus acquired; Block No. 9592, Lot No. 95 on the tax map for the borough of Queens."
Sponsors: Jose Rivera, Michael J. Abel
Council Member Sponsors: 2