File #: Res 0960-2019    Version: * Name: Recognizing November 30, 2019 as a citywide Day of Peace, and December as Peace Month in NYC.
Type: Resolution Status: Filed (End of Session)
Committee: Committee on Cultural Affairs, Libraries and International Intergroup Relations
On agenda: 6/18/2019
Enactment date: Law number:
Title: Resolution recognizing November 30, 2019 as a citywide Day of Peace, and December as Peace Month in New York City.
Sponsors: Fernando Cabrera , Ruben Diaz, Sr.
Council Member Sponsors: 2
Attachments: 1. Res. No. 960, 2. June 18, 2019 - Stated Meeting Agenda with Links to Files, 3. Hearing Transcript - Stated Meeting 6-18-19, 4. Minutes of the Recessed Meeting of June 13, 2019 Held on June 18, 2019

Res. No. 960


Resolution recognizing November 30, 2019 as a citywide Day of Peace, and December as Peace Month in New York City.


By Council Members Cabrera and R. Diaz


                     Whereas, The world, including the United States (US), is becoming increasingly divided due to a wide range of issues, including political and religious extremism, expanding socioeconomic disparities, and increased crime; and

                     Whereas, This division is highlighted in a 2018 BBC Global Survey by Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute, which found that 76% of the 19,428 adults aged 16 to 64 surveyed globally believe that their country is divided; and

Whereas, Along with the shared belief that their country and thus, the world, is divided, 76% of people globally believe they need to be careful when dealing with others, with people believing that the most tension exists between: those with different political views (44%); the rich and poor (36%); and immigrants and native-born individuals (30%); and

                     Whereas, Notably, the US has become a divided nation, with a 2018 poll from the Wall Street Journal finding that 8 out of 10 people polled believed that the country is “mainly” or “totally” divided; and

                     Whereas, In addition, a March 2019 Pew Research Center survey found that a majority of Americans predict that by 2050, the country will be in decline economically, politically, and internationally, with an increasing national debt, a wider gap between the rich and poor, less affordable health care, a worsening environment, and a workforce threatened by automation; and 

                     Whereas, Despite beliefs that the world is divided, more than half of people globally (65%) think people across the world have more things in common than things that make them different, with about 71% of people polled in the US believing this, according to the Ipsos MORI 2018 Survey; and

                     Whereas, Thus, although divided, people still see the good that exists within the world and the commonalities that bring people together, which especially can be found in places where peace is seen, with people coming together, putting aside differences and working towards a more positive, prosperous future; and 

                     Whereas, Even in New York City, with its extremely diverse population, people of any religion, creed, race or political affiliation can find commonalities and work together; and

                     Whereas, Thus, a citywide Day of Peace, and a Peace Month in New York City would encourage and promote these ideas as part of an effort to foster peace throughout the City’s individuals and communities; and

                     Whereas, December as Peace Month in New York City began in 2010 when New York State and City public officials issued proclamations declaring the month of December as Peace Month as an initiative to reduce the crime and violence that takes place throughout the City each year, and to inspire a call for peace, respect, and responsibility, according to Peace December, an organization dedicated to promoting peace in homes and communities; and 

Whereas, December was chosen to be Peace Month in New York City because it is the month where increased darkness and the changing social patterns that ensue from the December holidays cause many communities to experience increased incidents of violence, larceny, and hate crime, according to Peace December; and

                     Whereas, Notably, the New York City Police Department reported in April 2019 that citywide crime continues to decline, with the City’s lowest number of reported index crimes of any April in the CompStat era, including a 6.1% reduction in index crime, 4.3% reduction in transit crime, 34.6% reduction in murders, and 16.1% reduction in rapes, as compared to April 2018; and

Whereas, As these reductions in crime may indicate that the City is moving towards a future with less crime and more peace, it is important to create more opportunities to acknowledge and promote peace within the City; now, therefore be it

                     Resolved, That the Council of the City of New York recognizes November 30, 2019 as a citywide Day of Peace, and December as Peace Month in New York City.


LS #9247