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Last name: Zhuang
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Notes: District 43 - Council Member Democrat - Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach - Susan Zhuang has worked diligently to serve the people and communities of Southern Brooklyn for over a decade. She is a passionate community activist, connector, and advocate for crucial issues such as public safety, equitable education, housing and senior services. Raised in Baipu, a town in Eastern China, Susan was born into a family that ran a small business and was raised by her grandparents who were school teachers. She later came to the United States in 2008 as an international student with nothing but two suitcases in pursuit of the American Dream. Susan earned her bacholer degree in Finance from the State Universty of New York at Oswego and later an MBA from University of Southern Indiana. Upon graduating SUNY Oswego, Susan moved to New York City to work in the private sector for few years. During that time, she volunteered at the Office of New York State Assemblyman William Colton and leveraged her background in finance to help senior citizens and small businesses file tax returns. It is this first-hand experience that provided her with the unique perspective and understanding of issues concerning seniors and small business owners. Driven by her passion for public service, Susan joined Assemblyman Colton’s Office as Chief of Staff in 2014. Since then, Susan has worked tirelessly on many pressing issues facing the diverse communities of Bensonhurst, Gravesend, Dyker Heights, and Sunset Park. From fighting for public safety, advocating for social justice, and protecting small businesses – to defending fair access to public education and social services – Susan puts under-represented families at the forefront of her advocacy. In addition to her formal public service experiences, Susan has organized numerous community protests, meetings, and hearings as an activist and volunteer. Susan is also an active member of Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association and has dedicated herself to voter education efforts, youth leadership development, and civic engagement activities. As a first-generation immigrant, an Asian-American, a working wife, a mother of two young children, and a proud New Yorker, Susan is committed to continuing her journey of working side-by-side with her neighbors to solve their problems and create positive change in this post-pandemic era. In her capacity as a Council Member representing the newly-formed 43rd District, Susan will focus on pressing community issues such as: Public Safety. Susan is determined to do whatever it takes to fight against hatred and racism to ensure a safe and secure Southern Brooklyn for all residents. Quality Education. Susan aspires to promote a public education system that benefits those who value education and strive to pursue it. Affordable Housing. Susan is committed to developing more affordable housing for Southern Brooklyn residents and their families.? Support for Small Business. Susan strives to help small businesses by cutting through the red tape and providing regulatory support and compliance assistance. Senior Services. Susan aims to support the senior community by mobilizing more resources and connecting them with the youth in Southern Brooklyn. As someone with a unique cultural heritage herself and has the ability to build bridges between all cultures, Susan will be the leading voice to bring people together and the determined fighter to restore unity in our community so that everyone will feel safe, included, seen, and heard. Susan is currently living in Bensonhurst with her husband and two young daughters.