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Last name: Nurse
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Notes: District 37 - Council Member - Democrat - Cypress Hills, Bushwick, City Line, Ocean Hill, Brownsville, East New York - Council Member Sandy Nurse is a community organizer and the new Council Member representing District 37. Sandy is the founder of BK ROT, a co-founder of the Mayday Space, a direct action organizer, and a carpenter. A third generation Panamanian, she is the daughter of an immigrant and was raised by a working single mother. For nearly a decade, Sandy has been working in Bushwick and supporting projects in East New York that empower women and young people of color. Most of her work has been dedicated to ending white supremacy, fighting for a transition away from the fossil fuel economy, and demanding our public agencies and servants are accountable to the people, not corporations. Through years of strong community partnerships and collaborations, Sandy has built neighborhood institutions that directly strengthen grassroots movements in Bushwick and East New York. She has committed her life to addressing issues through direct interventions and solutions including building farms in our food deserts, creating jobs where we have high unemployment, and helping develop community space where it was scarce. As the new City Council Member, she will fight to keep people in their homes, create protections for our immigrant neighbors, and help to build a healthy, sustainable future.