File #: Res 0874-2011    Version: * Name: NYS Dept of Health to remove fluoride from NY State's water supply.
Type: Resolution Status: Filed
Committee: Committee on Health
On agenda: 6/14/2011
Enactment date: Law number:
Title: Resolution calling on the New York State Department of Health to remove fluoride from New York State’s water supply.
Sponsors: Jumaane D. Williams, Letitia James, Peter F. Vallone, Jr.
Res. No. 874
Resolution calling on the New York State Department of Health to remove fluoride from New York State's water supply.
By Council Members Williams, James and Vallone
Whereas, According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fluoride is a mineral which has been commonly used to prevent and reverse tooth decay; and
Whereas, In New York State, it is estimated that 70 percent of the population received fluoridated water, including New York City's five boroughs which have added fluoride to the water supply since 1965; and
Whereas, However, recently the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed reducing the allowable amount of fluoride that could be added to public water systems; and
Whereas, The HHS is proposing that 0.7 milligrams of fluoride per liter of water be added to public water systems, which would result in a 30 percent decrease in what New York City residents were previously receiving in the water supply; and
Whereas, The proposal was based on a review of scientific literature which revealed that some children are exposed to too much fluoride; and
Whereas, Possible effects of over exposure to fluoride include dental fluorosis, a change in the appearance of the tooth's enamel, which can result in white spots on the tooth surface or in more severe cases, more extensive enamel changes including the forming of pits in the teeth; and
Whereas, Adults exposed to too much fluoride may also experience side effects including an increased likelihood of bone fractures or skeletal fluorosis, a condition connected with pain and tenderness in the bones; and
Whereas, The Fluoride Action Network (FAN), an organization dedicated to broaden the public's awareness of fluoride, indicated that, "it is time for the U.S., and the few remaining fluoridating countries, to recognize that fluoridation is outdated, has serious risks that far outweigh any minor benefits, violates sound medical ethics and denies freedom of choice;" and
Whereas, Advocates in favor of removing fluoride from public drinking water argue that children and adults can be exposed to numerous negative health conditions including lower IQ scores, genetic disorders, thyroid problems, kidney disorders, arthritis and muscle pain, as well as a host of other ailments; and
Whereas, Supporters who seek to remove fluoride from community water supplies also argue that the research used to justify fluoridation has been overstated, while others have criticized the methodology of several of the studies; and
Whereas, Only through the total removal of all fluoridation from New York's public water supply can all residents be protected from possible adverse health effects; now, therefore, be it
      Resolved, That the Council of the City of New York calls on the New York State Department of Health to remove fluoride from New York State's water supply.
LS # 1963